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All You Need to Know About Essential Oils

All You Need to Know About Essential Oils

Health and wellness have assumed a lot of significance in recent times. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of individuals is widely recognized nowadays.

To maintain a balance in your everyday life, healthy and natural products that cleanse you both physically and mentally should be used. Some of those products that are pure in all its forms and can bring about a healthy change in your life are essential oils.

   What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oil is oil extracted from plants that retain the scent and flavour of the plant. The aromatic compounds present in the plant provides a unique essence to each essential oil.

Essential oils are extracted from plants using mechanical methods like cold pressing, or steam distillation, etc.. Once extracted, these products are used in their pure form or diluted with a carrier oil.

Which Are the Most Popular Essential Oils?

peppermint essential oil

Essential oils are extracted from either leaves, bark, fruits or flowers of plants.

  • Bark-based oil: The bark of for example cinnamon plant is also used for extracting essential oils.


What Are the Well-known Facts About Essential Oil?

  • Essential oils are less greasy and fatty than the regular oils used for cooking.
  • A lot of plant material is required to produce a small quantity of essential oil. This is one reason why essential oils are costly.
  • Essential oils are highly concentrated. 
  • Mix all essential oils with a carrier oil before applying on your body or using it in a bath. Avoid putting them in sensitive areas like eyes and ears. Essential oils are powerful, and they can damage your delicate organs.

What Are the Uses of Essential Oil?

 As mentioned earlier, essential oils promote physical and mental well-being of individuals. In addition to this, essential oils are also used for various health purposes.

  • Essential oil is the main product used for aromatherapy treatment. It helps in relieving stress and anxiety and in creating an atmosphere of peace and solitude.
  • The scent of certain essential oils like lavender promotes sound sleep. You can release the scent of this oil in your bedroom by using a diffuser.
  • Certain essential oils have disinfecting properties and can be used for cleaning carpets and sofa. It not only kills the germs but also exudes a pleasant fragrance.
  • Essential oils can also aid in digestion and in relieving pain and nausea by relaxing the muscles in the digestive system.

Because of the increased demand for essential oils, fake essential oils that are heavily fragranced and richly coloured are widely available in the market. These oils cause more harm than good.

The safest solution is to use certified organic essential oils because they are free from harsh chemicals. 

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