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Castor Oil & Liver Pack Combo 200mL

Castor Oil & Liver Pack Combo 200mL

Vrindavan Body Care
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Vrindavan Castor Oil Liver Pack & Reproductive Health Kit

This kit contains a liver pack and a 200mL glass bottle of certified organic castor oil.

Experience the age-old wisdom of wellness with Vrindavan's Castor Oil Liver Pack, a blend of traditional practices and modern convenience. For over 25 years, Vrindavan has been a beacon of natural beauty and health, and this product is no exception.

The Power of Castor Oil: Derived from the castor bean seed, our Certified Organic Castor Oil is hexane-free and cold-pressed, retaining all its natural benefits. It's a versatile elixir, renowned for enhancing skin and hair health:

  • Deeply moisturizes skin, reducing wrinkles
  • Nourishes hair, treats split ends, and strengthens hair shaft
  • Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E

The Healing Ritual of Castor Oil Liver Packs: Rooted in practices from Traditional Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda, Castor Oil Liver Packs are known for their lymphatic system support, helping detoxify the body, and improving immune function. They are widely used for:

  • Liver cleansing and detox
  • Alleviating digestive issues like constipation, IBS, and more
  • Reducing inflammation and joint pain
  • Enhancing reproductive health in various gynecological conditions

Easy-to-Use, Reusable Packs: Our kit includes a reusable wrap made from 100% cotton flannelette and waterproof PUL fabric, sized at 48cm x 23cm. It's designed for a mess-free, comfortable application.

How to Use:

  1. Lay on a towel or sheet.
  2. Apply Castor Oil to the targeted area or on the flannelette side of the pack.
  3. Place the pack over the castor oil.
  4. Optional: Apply a hot water bottle or heating pad for extra warmth.
  5. Relax for 45-60 minutes.
  6. Clean the area and refrigerate the pack for future use (up to 30 times).

Handmade in Australia, this pack is a testament to Vrindavan's commitment to quality, sustainability, and your holistic well-being.