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Organic Castor Oil 500mL & Liver Pack Combo

Organic Castor Oil 500mL & Liver Pack Combo

Vrindavan Natural Body Care
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Vrindavan Castor Oil Liver Pack & Reproductive Health Kit

Traditional Wellness Refined

Contents: This comprehensive kit includes a liver pack and a generous 500mL glass bottle of certified organic castor oil.

Rediscover Ancient Wellness Wisdom: Embrace the time-honored traditions of wellness with Vrindavan's Castor Oil Liver Pack. For over 25 years, Vrindavan has been at the forefront of natural health and beauty, and this kit is a testament to that legacy.

The Power of Castor Oil: Extracted from premium castor bean seeds, our Certified Organic Castor Oil is hexane-free and cold-pressed, preserving its full array of natural benefits. It's an all-encompassing elixir, celebrated for its positive impact on skin and hair health:

  • Intensively moisturizes skin, visibly reducing wrinkles.
  • Revitalizes hair, treating split ends, and reinforcing the hair shaft.
  • Abundant in essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

The Healing Ritual of Castor Oil Liver Packs: Drawing from the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and modern naturopathic practices, Castor Oil Liver Packs are revered for their ability to support the lymphatic system. They play a crucial role in detoxifying the body and bolstering immune function. Common applications include:

  • Liver detoxification and cleansing.
  • Relief from digestive ailments such as constipation, IBS, and more.
  • Alleviation of inflammation and joint pain.
  • Support for reproductive health across various gynecological conditions.

Easy-to-Use, Reusable Packs: Included in the kit is a reusable wrap crafted from 100% cotton flannelette and waterproof PUL fabric, measuring 48cm x 23cm. It's specially designed for a comfortable, mess-free application.

Simple Application Steps:

  1. Lay down on a towel or sheet.
  2. Apply Castor Oil to the targeted area or directly onto the flannelette side of the pack.
  3. Place the pack over the area.
  4. Optionally, add a hot water bottle or heating pad for enhanced warmth.
  5. Relax for 45-60 minutes.
  6. Clean the area and store the pack in a cool place for future use (up to 30 times).

Handcrafted in Australia, this pack embodies Vrindavan's dedication to quality, sustainability, and holistic health.