Indian Kajal

Indian Kajal

Vrindavan Body Care
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Give your eyes an alluring boost of intensity. Use to enhance your eyes or smudge to create an intense smoky look. Beautifies,soothes and cools the eye.

4 Grams

Ingredients: Black surma (antimony), black mustard (Brassica nigra), camphor oil (Cinnamomum camphor), bees wax (Cera alba).

A staple cosmetic for almost every women, Kohl or Kajal and Soorma as it is known in India, has held great importance for women of all ages and from all kinds of cultural backgrounds. Regardless of whether a woman knows how to do make up or not, a kohl pencil or kajal has always been a part of enhancing one’s look. With just a few strokes it makes the eyes more charismatic.