Vrindavan Baby Weaning Balm - Certified Organic

Vrindavan Baby Weaning Balm - Certified Organic

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Introducing the Vrindavan Baby Weaning Balm – Your organic solution to gently transition from breastfeeding. Made in Australia, this 100% certified organic balm is designed for mothers who are ready to wean their babies seamlessly and with ease.

Our unique formula contains only the finest certified organic ingredients: Castor oil, beeswax, and neem oil, ensuring a safe and natural approach to weaning. The balm works by subtly altering the smell and taste around the nipple, pacifier, or thumb, encouraging your little one to naturally lose interest in breastfeeding. This helps prevent the common distress and tantrums associated with weaning.

Safe for both Mother and baby, our Baby Weaning Balm is a plant-based product and proudly not tested on animals. Each pack contains 5 grams of this gentle yet effective balm, perfect for carrying on the go.

Experience a peaceful and gradual weaning process with our Vrindavan Baby Weaning Balm – the organic, stress-free way to say goodbye to breastfeeding.

Ingredients: Castor oil*, beeswax*, neem oil*.  (* denotes certified organic)

Plant based, Not Tested on Animals

5 Grams

Made in Australia