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Vrindavan Body Lotion Himalayan Sunset – Hydrating and Nourishing Skincare

Vrindavan Body Lotion Himalayan Sunset – Hydrating and Nourishing Skincare

Vrindavan Natural Body Care
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Experience the essence of nourishment with Vrindavan Body Lotion Himalayan Sunset, a hydrating skincare solution designed to pamper and rejuvenate your skin. Crafted with care in Australia, this body lotion is a blend of natural and organic ingredients, tailored to provide your skin with the utmost care.

The base of our body lotion is distilled water, ensuring purity and hydration. We enrich it with certified organic olive oil, known for its deeply moisturizing and nourishing properties. This natural oil helps to restore your skin's elasticity and softness, making it feel rejuvenated and supple.

To bind these ingredients effectively, we use emulsifying wax, which also contributes to the lotion's creamy texture. Vegetable glycerine is added for its humectant properties, aiding in retaining moisture in the skin. Grapefruit seed extract serves as a natural preservative and provides antioxidant benefits.

What truly sets our body lotion apart is the Vrindavan special blend of certified organic essential oils. This unique combination infuses the lotion with a subtle and relaxing aroma, enhancing your skincare routine with a sensory experience reminiscent of the tranquility of Himalayan sunsets.

Our commitment to ethical practices is evident in our vegan and cruelty-free standards. Vrindavan Body Lotion Himalayan Sunset is not just a skincare product; it's an experience that brings together the best of nature and wellness, right in the comfort of your home

Ingredients: distilled water, certified organic olive oil, emulsifying wax, vegetable glycerine, grapefruit seed extract, Vrindavan special blend of certified organic essential oils.


Cruelty Free

Made in Australia