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Vrindavan Palm Oil-Free Baby Soap – Gentle and Natural Care for Your Baby

Vrindavan Palm Oil-Free Baby Soap – Gentle and Natural Care for Your Baby

Vrindavan Natural Body Care
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Our Vrindavan Palm Oil-Free Baby Soap, a natural and gentle choice for your baby’s delicate skin. Made with love and care in Australia, this soap is formulated with the finest ingredients, selected specifically for their mildness and nourishing properties.

Our baby soap is crafted from a blend of coconut oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil, known for their hydrating and soothing effects on sensitive skin. Cocoa butter is included for its rich, moisturizing qualities, ensuring that your baby's skin remains soft and supple after every bath.

The soap also contains a thoughtful mix of natural extracts and essential oils: calendula extract, mandarin essential oil, lavender essential oil, and neroli essential oil. Each of these is certified organic and brings its own unique benefits. Calendula extract is renowned for its calming and healing properties, while the blend of essential oils provides a gentle, relaxing scent, making bath time a soothing experience.

We are proud to say our Baby Soap is vegan and cruelty-free, reflecting our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. The absence of palm oil and harsh chemicals ensures that it is as kind to the environment as it is to your baby’s skin.

Our Vrindavan Palm Oil-Free Baby Soap is perfect for parents who seek a safe, effective, and natural cleansing option for their little ones. Choose our soap for a gentle, nurturing, and eco-friendly way to care for your baby.

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil,  cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, aqua, calendula extract*, mandarin essential oil*, lavender essential oil* neroli essential oil*.  (* denotes certified organic)


Cruelty free

Made in Australia