“What I’m using now” – featured on sarahwilson.com.au

I’ve slowly being making a switch (I’m not about to ditch stuff…that’s just wasteful…I’m replacing, item by item. And experimenting). I’m also being realistic. I don’t have the dosh to go all out. Plus, I have constraints. So I’m doing the best I can. I still have to dye my hair for work. So I’m researching chemical-free dyes (a work in progress). I recently got eyelash extensions. The glue? Not so good. But it saves me having to wear mascara. The lesser of two evils. When I do TV work I don’t have a say in what products they use on me. I’ve recently decided to balance this by wearing no makeup the rest of the time…I’m easing into this. At parties I still indulge. But during the day – nadda. It’s been an interesting transition. It means people are almost disappointed when they meet me. They’re used to seeing me on the telly or in magazines slathered in stuff. But…oh well…a good challenge for my ego!

Here are some products I’ve switched to, most of which contain one ingredient. Or less than five!

Moogoo Milk Wash (made in Australia). This is a shower soap, but is mild enough to use on my face, too.

Avalon Organics shampoo and conditioner (made in Australia). I’ve been using this one for a few weeks, following my hair detox. It suits my hair…it adds volume and gradually my hair is becoming softer and softer. It’s far glossier since I’ve quit the toxic stuff.

Miessence Body Cream (made in Australia). Non-greasy and glides on nice. I also use Miessence face moisturiser and their lip balm. And their foundation is amazing. Slowly replacing my old stuff with their stuff. Also noticed a few people on yesterday’s comments mentioned they use this body moisturiser, too.

Thursday Island lavender oil. I use on spots.

Vrindavan deodorant (made in Australia). I’m not kidding, I’ve never smelt so good. I used to stink, even wearing the heavy duty anti-antiperspirants. I’ve always been stinky and sweaty. This stuff is made of mineral salts and oils and since switching to it I don’t get that stale sweat smell at all.

Kosmea Rosehip Oil (made in Australia). I also use Trilogy brand, too. I put a few drops on my face at night, 3-4 times a week. The best moisturiser ever.

Weleda body oils. I love them all. My body soaks them up. This rose flavour is very pretty. I’ve mentioned how oils work from an Ayurvedic point of view before.